About Us: The Pipe Club of Japan



The Japan Pipe Smokers’ Club (JPSC), one of the Tokyo-based clubs, held Japan’s first pipe smoking contest in that city in 1972. The event inspired pipe lovers in Japan, and led to the creation of more pipe clubs and pipe smoking contests across the country. In 1974, 15 such pipe smoker clubs got together and established a federation named “The Pipe Club of Japan (PCJ).” As of June, 2013, the PCJ has more than doubled its size; it now consists of 30 member clubs with about 440 active members, and the number of new members is expected to grow.

Since then, the PCJ has actively participated in the World Championship every four years while simultaneously cultivating mutual friendship with the other 27 CIPC member countries, among them France, Denmark, Russia, USA and China. The PCJ also makes an effort to propagate the custom of pipe smoking in Japanese society.


In 1976, the PCJ hosted the Third World Championship of Pipe Smoking, and in 1990, it hosted The Seventh World Championship of Pipe Smoking; both events took place in Tokyo.

The PCJ strongly wishes and desires to organize the 14th World Championship of Pipe Smoking which is scheduled in 2018, here in Tokyo. In June this year, the PCJ has already filed a candidacy formally to CIPC.

If the CIPC General Assembly of 2014 finally selects Tokyo for the 14th World Championship of Pipe Smoking, it is the first time for Tokyo to host the World Championship in 28 years. Tokyo had hosted the Championship twice in the past - the 7th in 1990 and the 3rd in 1976, both are organized by the PCJ.

On the home front, the PCJ has held its All-Japan Pipe Smoking Championship every year for the past 39 years in various cities. The latest event, the 39 th was held on October 28, 2012 at the Kagoshima Tokyu-Inn in Kagoshima-city, Kagoshima Prefecture.

At each time of the All-Japan Championships , about 200 pipe smokers participate, and they compete the skill of long smoking.

The 40th anniversary Championship will be held on October 6, 2013, at Asakusa View hotel in Taitoh, Tokyo.

For the PCJ, this 40th anniversary Championship is a milestone and memorable contest. It is expected for pipe smokers to participate from other countries of CIPC members not limited to Japan.

One of the PCJ missions is to promote friendship and cooperation among pipe clubs throughout the country. The annual All-Japan Pipe Smoking Championship is an important PCJ activity that fulfills this mission. Additionally, the PCJ offers beginner pipe-smoking lessons at the All-Japan Pipe Smoking Championship to promote the pipe-smoking culture. Often, in conjunction with this national competition, the PCJ may host a pipe show called “Pipe Show”, an exhibition in which various pipes and pipe-smoking-related utensils are displayed and sold. At the All-Japan Championship in the year preceding the quadrennial World Championship, the winner becomes the ‘expenses-paid' PCJ representative to the World Championship.

The Club’s latest project was to publish All About Pipes (3rd edition), a book commemorating the 35th anniversary of the PCJ. It was released in May, 2009.


Individual Competition
順位 名前 クラブ名 タイム
1 Yutaka Takaoka Kagoshima Pipe Club 185min. 27s (13th Contest)
2 Seiichi Kiuchi Tokushima Pipe Club 149min. 16s (12th Contest)
3 Kaworu Hayashi Tokai Pipe Club (Nagoya) 145min. 20s (11th Contest)
Ladies’ Champion
順位 名前 クラブ名 タイム
1 Hiroko Kotaki Sumidagawa Pipe Club (Tokyo) 115min. 26s (25th Contest)
2 Hatsue Yano Pacific Pipe Smokers’ Club (Kanagawa) 106min. 14s (35th Contest)
3 Hisako Hayashi Tokai Pipe Club (Nagoya) 105min. 23s (19th Contest)
Team Competition (total smoking time of the top three individuals of each team)
順位 クラブ名 タイム
1 John Silver Pipe Club (Tokyo) 363min. 12s (5th Contest)
2 Okayama Pipe Club 348min. 33s (31st Contest)
3 Okayama Pipe Club 344min. 27s (32nd Contest)

(The current [2012] World Record holder is Gianfranco Ruscalla of Italy with a time of 213min. 6s.)

For more details on all the PCJ activities and pipe smoking information in Japanese, visit our Web. For CIPC visit http://www.pipeclubs.com/?goTo=76 .